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Setting up a new FLEX Server

  1. Install a FLEXnet server on the new machine.
  2. Notify OriginLab that you need to move the FLEXnet server to a different machine, so we can make another license file available to you.
  3. Obtain the new license file for the new machine from the OriginLab Website.
  4. Set up and start the FLEXnet service on the new machine.
  5. Stop the old FLEXnet service.

Connecting the Origins to the new FLEX Server

If you are NOT using the Group Folder Feature

Each user restarts Origin and enters the new FLEX server host name or IP address in the licensing dialog.
Or you can do this process on one machine, and then take a copy of the Use_Server.lic in that machine's Origin \FLEXlm\ folder, and push it out to the Origin \FLEXlm\ folder on all the other machines, over-writing the previous file.

If you ARE using the Group Folder Feature

After you set up the replacement FLEXnet server and have the service running successfully, then you can edit the Use_Server.lic file located in your Origin group leader's <Origin> \FLEXlm\ folder.

This file will typically have the following text, assuming the FLEXnet server is <FLEXnet server>

SERVER <FLEXnet server> ANY


A 3-Server Redundant FLEXnet server is also supported, for example if we have three servers <one>, <two>, <three>, and ports 12345, 23456, 34567, the Use_Server.lic file looks like:

SERVER <one> ANY 12345

SERVER <two> ANY 23456

SERVER <three> ANY 34567


Once this change is made and the Origin group leader is restarted, this file will be automatically published to the Group Folder, and the Origin group members will be notified of the change of FLEXnet server with a message "Concurrent license server settings are updated. Click OK to restart".