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Download the installer

Running the MSI directly

You can run Origin851Sr2Setup.msi directly by double-clicking on the .msi file on the local machine.
You will need a purchased serial number. After installation, a program folder named OriginLab\Origin8.5.1 will appear in the Start Programs menu list.

Running the MSI on the command line silently or passively

You can run the MSI on the command line either silently (no user interaction) or passively (no user interaction, but shows status dialog).

The command is:

msiexec /i "<name of msi file>.msi" 
[TRANSFORMS="<transform>.Mst"] /passive 
INSTALLDIR="<destination directory>" 
USERNAME="<client user or computer name>" 
COMPANYNAME="<company or department name>" 
PIDKEY="<serial number>" 

For example: (all on one line)
C:\OriginMSI>msiexec /i "Origin851Sr2Setup.msi" TRANSFORMS="Origin851Sr2MSITransform.Mst" /passive INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\OriginLab\Origin 8.5.1\" USERNAME="my name" COMPANYNAME="my company" PIDKEY="sf8t5-9354-7222222"

Running a Transform


To uninstall, choose one of the following:

  • Run the Add or Remove Files shortcut in the OriginLab | Origin 8.5.1 program folder created by the msi installer,
  • Or open the MS Windows control panel's Add or Remove Programs program and look for Origin 8.5.1 and select Change,
  • Or run the command
>msiexec /x "Origin851Sr2Setup.msi"