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This example shows you how to access waveform data (.wdt file) and to find an upper envelope with an Analysis Template.

It is to demonstrate the following:

  1. Connect to Origin with which maps to the ApplicationSI method in Origin.
  2. Load an Origin Analysis Template (an OGW file) under Origin program folder.
  3. Specify a path to load wave1.wdt, which is under <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Automation Server.
  4. Send the data to a sheet named "WaveformEnvelope" in the Analysis Template.
  5. Trigger Recalculate in Origin. The Analysis Template will automatically update the "WaveformEnvelope" sheet.
  6. Send the found upper envelope and the original data from Origin to LabVIEW, and then plot them.

This example is composed of two parts.

  • The figure below is to read data from an ASCII file and send the data to the Origin worksheet
  • The figure below is to perform the envelope finding in Origin, and then plot the envelope and original data in LabView.