Installing and Updating the Developer Kit

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The Developer Kit is a utility that allows you to develop and deploy custom dialogs for Origin.

The kit is currently available for free to customers who purchase maintenance. Please contact your local OriginLab representative for details.

If you are looking for documentation related to the Developer Kit, please see this page.

[edit] Installing the Developer Kit for the First Time

If you have never installed the Developer Kit for your current Origin 8 installation, please first contact the OriginLab representative in your area to obtain the kit. You will need to obtain the kit that matches your current installation's build number. The build number is accessible from the Help|About menu in Origin. Then Drag and Drop the kit OPX file onto Origin.

[edit] Updating the Developer Kit

If you have already installed the Developer Kit on your current Origin, and when a newer Origin8 Service Release has been announced, you can't patch Origin and the latest Devloper Kit that matches the newer Service Release. I message will pop up when you try to patch, e.g. "Patch cannot proceed because DevKit is installed. Please see ....'

  1. Uninstall devkit from Tools: Package Manager
  2. Repair origin to build number of original cd
  3. Eithe rmanually apply the patches in your updates folder, or start the repaired Origin and do check for updates. Repeat until no more updates available

David says:

  1. Then get Developer Kit that matches the up-to-date Service Release and drag and drop it into Origin to install it.