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[edit] Installing Origin

Both the Origin Product and the Upgrade install into a new program folder - the Upgrade does not update a previous version. Thus, if installing an Origin Upgrade, you do not need to have your previous version of Origin installed, although you can have it installed.
The startup program that launches when you insert the Origin DVD in the DVD drive includes an Origin installation button. If this startup program does not run automatically, you can browse the DVD to launch the startup program, or browse the DVD to launch the Origin installer.
In addition to the Origin script-based installer that runs from the DVD startup program, an MSI installer is provided on the DVD. The MSI installer is ideal for use at Origin multi-user sites, as you can use the MSI installer to build an Origin installation package for distribution. Sample MSI transforms are provided on the DVD.

[edit] How to Proceed if you already have the Origin Evaluation Installed

If you already have the Origin Evaluation installed on your computer, you can convert the Evaluation into a Product or Upgrade. To do this, you must log into the computer with an Administrator account.
Run the Origin Add or Remove Files program located in the Origin program icon folder. Alternatively, simply re-run the Origin installer. In both cases, the Origin Setup program displays, providing options to Modify, Remove or Repair. Select the Modify option and click Next. Then select "Install Product (requires serial number)" and click Next. Proceed as prompted to complete the conversion process.

[edit] How to Make Corrections and Changes After you Complete an Installation

If you installed Origin with an incorrect serial number, or if you did not install the Help files or the pre-compiled Origin files and you later want them installed, you can make these changes by running the Origin Add or Remove Files program located in your Origin program icon folder. In both cases, select the Modify option in the Origin Setup program and click Next.

  • To correct a serial number, click Yes to change your serial number and proceed as prompted. READ MORE ...
  • To install the Help or pre-compiled Origin files, click No to change your serial number and proceed as prompted.

If you selected "Current user only" in the All Users or Current User Setup page and you meant to select "All users", or the other way around, you can correct this by editing the InstInfo.INI file located in your Origin program folder. This file contains an [OriginUsers] section with one line of text:
You can set value to AllUsers or you can set it to the log-in user name you want to restrict access to. After you make this change and restart Origin, you may see a licensing dialog box again. In this case, repeat the licensing process as directed.

[edit] Selecting a User Files Folder

After installing Origin, each Windows log-in user that runs Origin must select a User Files Folder at their first Origin startup. The User Files Folder is the default location for saving and opening files for that log-in user.
Consider these points in selecting your User Files Folder:

  • If you have a mobile computer, it is best to select a User Files Folder location on your computer rather than on your network.
  • For non-mobile computers, you can select a User Files Folder location on the computer or the network, as long as you have stable access to the folder.
  • Do not select the same User Files Folder as other Origin users, unless you want to share your custom files.
  • If you upgraded from a previous version, you must select an Origin User Files Folder different from your previous version User Files Folder.

At each Origin startup, Origin will check that your User Files Folder is accessible. If Origin cannot connect to the User Files Folder, you must select a new folder. Also, a Tools:Change User Files Folder menu command is provided to easily change the User Files Folder location.
If you are deploying Origin to multiple computers, or if there will be multiple log-in users running Origin on a computer, you may consider presetting the User Files Folder location. This can be done by editing the Path key in the [User Files] section of the Origin.INI file, located in the Origin program folder. Comments are provided in the Origin.INI file to assist you.

[edit] Licensing Origin

All Origin packages include license management. The type of license management provided with your package is determined at the time of your Origin purchase. License management models include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Node-locked license management - Each Origin computer requires a license file to run. The number of licenses available is restricted to the purchased number. READ MORE ...
  • Concurrent network management - A FLEXnet license server is set up to provide the license management. All Origins connect to the FLEXnet license server to check out a license. The license server counts and restricts the number of Origins that can run concurrently. READ MORE ...
  • Dongle - A dongle (USB hardware key) is provided with the Origin package and must be present in the computer's USB port to run Origin.

For concurrent network and dongle management, the licensing process does not require a Windows log-in account with Administrator permissions. However, for node-locked packages, Administrator permissions are required. Once Origin is properly licensed, then it is licensed for all log-in users on that computer.

[edit] Registering Origin

Registering Origin is a prerequisite for Origin support from OriginLab and the team of Origin Distributors. Also, registration activates the Origin Help:Check for Updates menu command. Check for Updates allows you to check if a patch or updated Help files are available for your Origin, and to obtain those updates. Thus, although registration is optional, it is recommended.
If you have an Origin package with node-locked license management, your Origin is automatically registered after you successfully complete the licensing process. You can verify this by selecting Help:About Origin. The About Origin dialog box will display the Registration ID assigned to your Origin package.
For all other license management packages, a Registration dialog box displays when starting a licensed - but unregistered - Origin. Use the Registration dialog box to register your Origin on the OriginLab website. During this process, a Registration ID is issued. Enter or copy/paste this Registration ID into the Registration dialog box to complete the process. The Help:About Origin dialog box will now display your Registration ID.

[edit] Setting the Origin Display Language

Origin packages sold to organizations in a limited number of countries including Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein may support running Origin with English display or with Japanese or German display. This language control is available by selecting Help:Change Language.