Important Notes for Concurrent Upgrades

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General Information

If you already have a FLEXnet service for managing your previous version of Origin, then you just need to update the FLEXnet service for your new Origin version. Once done, the updated FLEXnet service will allow your users to start running your new Origin version, and they can continue running their previous Origin version*. The service will count the total number of users running Origin and will restrict it to the purchased number.
*For 8.0, users must run SR2 or higher. For 7.5, users must run SR7.

Steps to Update your FLEXnet Service

Update the FLEXnet Server

Windows FLEXnet Server

If your FLEXnet server is a Windows machine, you can update your FLEXnet server to version 11.10.03 (Eleven.Ten.Three). Updating your FLEXnet server is optional but recommended because FLEXnet 11.10.03 addresses a potential security issue that is present in FLEXnet 11.04.

To update your Windows FLEXnet 11.4 server to version 11.10.03, perform the following steps. Choose a time when no one needs to run Origin.

  1. Stop the FLEXnet service. For example, run LMTOOLS, go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and select the Force Server Shutdown check box and then click Stop Server.
  2. If you are running LMTOOLS, close it.
  3. Download the Windows FLEXnet 11.10.03 server installer and run the installer on your FLEXnet server.
  4. On the Choose Destination Location page of the installer, use the Browse button and browse to the install folder for your FLEXnet 11.4 server. This will upgrade your FLEXnet server to version 11.10.03.
  5. Wait to restart your FLEXnet service until you obtain the new license file in the next section.

Sun SPARC Solaris 10, Fedora 8, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 FLEXnet Servers

OriginLab does not have FLEXnet 11.10.03(Eleven.Ten.Three) servers available for these OS at this time. So for these OS, you should continue to use your FLEXnet 11.04 server to manage Origin 8.6. Please return to this page periodically to check if the FLEXnet 11.10.03 server is available for your OS, or email and tell us you want to be notified when the FLEXnet 11.10.03 server is available for your OS. The FLEXnet 11.10.03 server will address a potential security issue that is present in FLEXnet 11.04.

For all FLEXnet Server OS - Obtain your Origin 8.6 License for the Service

  1. Go to the OriginLab website and click the License/Register link.
  2. Log in if you already have a web membership account. If you do not have an account, join the website. (After logging in, if your web membership account already has an Origin serial number(s) associated with it, you will see your "Origin Product Registration" page. In this case, click the Register New Serial Number button.)
  3. Select the "I want to register my Origin software and obtain a license file for a computer" radio button and click Next.
  4. Select Version 8.6 and select/enter your 8.6 serial number (it is the same as your 8.5/8.5.1 serial number).
  5. Enter your FLEXnet server host name and host ID and generate your license.
  6. Copy the license text from the OriginLab website.
  7. Stop your FLEXnet service if it is running.
  8. Browse to your FLEXnet server license file and save a back-up to a different location.
  9. Then open your FLEXnet server license file in a text editor. Replace the current license text with that obtained from the OriginLab website.
  10. Re-save the license, making sure you have saved to the same location and with the same file name. Warning: On Windows Vista and 7, make sure your updated license file was saved to the correct folder, rather than in the Windows VirtualStore.
  11. Restart your FLEXnet service and perform a status enquiry to make sure it is running correctly.