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In version 7.5, to import data from script using a pre-defined Import Wizard Filter (.OIF), one had to first load the ImportWiz workspace to ensure all necessary OC files are loaded and compiled.

In Origin 8, it is no longer necessary to load the ImportWiz workspace. Please see this Orign C wiki page page for details on how to call your own OC function to perform the import from script using a pre-defined filter.

Also, in Origin 8 one could simply use the impFile X-function from script to import a file using a pre-defined filter. In this case there is no need to write any OC code. Please see this Labtalk Guide wiki page for details.


To import data with a pre-defined import filter, In version 7.5. you need to load ImportWiz workspace first and then call a saved Origin C file which call import funtions to use the specified filter.In Origin 8, there are two ways

  • Use impFile X-Function in script without compiling
    Please see the detail example in Labtalk Guide wiki
  • Call a saved Origin C file
    You can save needed code in a Origin C file and then call it in script. Please see detail examples in Orign C wiki