Change in Syntax for Accessing NAG Library Functions

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[edit] Summary

In versions 7.0 and 7.5, NAG library functions were accessible via a collection of wrapper functions. These functions were then listed in the Global Functions category in the Origin C language reference section.

Since version 8.0 these wrapper functions were discontinued. Thus Origin C code written in 7.0/7.5 that accessed the old wrapper functions will not compile in 8.0 or later versions.

What the upgrade user needs to do is to replace the old wrapper function calls with direct calls to the corresponding NAG functions. The syntax for direct NAG function calls can be found in the NAG PDFs which are optionally installed during Origin installation. The function documentation is provided in the Origin C help files installed with the product. It can also be found on the Origin C wiki.

Code examples on how to access the NAG functions in Origin 8 or later versions can also be found on the Origin C guide. If you have Origin version 8.1 SR1 or higher, you may also refer to the tutorial.