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==Other Top Feature Candidates== ==Other Top Feature Candidates==
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Note: Origin 9.0 is scheduled to be released in the 2nd half of 2012.

Top Features in Origin 9.0 - TENTATIVE

Arbitrary Order JIRA Summary Status
1 ORG-4548 New OpenGL based 3D Graphs
Faster plotting, and visualization such as rotation, much improved performance for larger datasets
2 ORG-1618 Floating Graphs in Worksheets
Allow placing graphs as floating objects (not embedded in cells) on worksheets for more flexible report creation
3 ORG-3139 3D Parametric Function Plots
Plot parametric functions in 3D such a Torus. Extension of 2D parametric plots already available in 8.6
4 ORG-1325 Movies from Graph Animation
Allow creating movies (AVI, GIF) of graph windows where graph is animated either manually or using script/OC programming
5 ORG-1890 Orthogonal Regression
Option in NLFit to allow fitting with implicit functions such as ellipse
6 ORG-3514 Excel-Like Data Filtering
Allow specifying filter conditions on each column of worksheet. Rows that do not meet the filter criteria are hidden and then not considered in plotting or analysis
7 Improvements to Polar, Ternary, and Box Chart
Various improvements requested by customers
8 ORG-442 Improvements to Image Profiling
Support for arbitrary line profiles, which existed in older versions
9 ORG-1740 Improved Editor for Origin C
Replace Code Builder's editor to be based on the powerful editing component Scintilla, similar to Notepad++
10 ORG-3731 Anti-aliasing
Graph drawn with anti-aliasing to make graph elements appear smoother on screen. This does not affect export, which will remain same/high quality as before
11 ORG-3824 Global Vertical Cursor
Improve Vertical Cursor gadget to work on multiple user-selected graphs, allowing tagging across graphs and output x, y values from all curves from all selected graphs
12 ORG-4116 Digital filter design for signal processing
Support digital filter design, including 5 IIR filters (Butterworth, Chebyshev Type I, Chebyshev Type II, Bessel and Elliptic) and some FIR filters(optional)