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|style="background-color:#E3F0FF;"|Error Bar Plot Improvements |style="background-color:#E3F0FF;"|Error Bar Plot Improvements
|- |-
|Contour Plot Improvements |Contour Plot Improvements
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|style="background-color:#E3F0FF;"|Mask/Data Selector Improvements |style="background-color:#E3F0FF;"|Mask/Data Selector Improvements

Revision as of 17:12, 28 January 2011

Key Features in Origin 8.5.1 Maintenance Release


Cluster Gadget
Quick Peaks
Statistics Gadget


New Layer Contents Dialog
Color Palette Usage Improvement
Axis Tick Location from Dataset
Polar Graph Improvements
Box Chart Improvements
Histogram and Frequency Count Improvements
Error Bar Plot Improvements
Mask/Data Selector Improvements
Improvements on Group tab and Increment Editor

Analysis & Statistics

Surface Fitting with Multiple Peaks
Improved Multiple Peak Fit Tool
NLFit Improvements
Frequency Count improvements

Import & Export

SQL Editor for Database Import
Graph Export Improvements
Third Party File Import: TDMS and Prism, MZXML... Files
Import Wizard Improvements


Improved context menu on Column Label Rows
Excel-like Improvements
Stack Columns and Unstack Columns Improvements
Pivot Table Dialog Improvements
Set Values Related LabTalk Improvements