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[edit] Top New Features/Changes in Origin 8.1 SR2

  1. Gadgets Menu -- available when a graph window is active, Gadgets allow quick access to popular analysis tools with the advantage of working directly with graphed data. Each gadget has an optional region of interest (ROI) that can be expanded, reduced, or moved to analyze any portion of your data.
  2. Quick Fit (Gadget)-- this Gadget is poised to be a favorite. Perform a rapid fitting operation whose results can be taken on their own, or used with NLFit for a more advanced fitting operation.
  3. Integration (Gadget) -- Calculate the area under a section of your dataplot and output the results. Move your ROI and compare different sections.
  4. FFT (Gadget) -- Do a quick FFT on any subset of a graphed dataplot, with the resulting frequency-space graph output automatically. Improved over old panel tool to offer more options.
  5. Rise-Time (Gadget) -- this Gadget takes the hassle out of analyzing very common rise- and fall-time curves, or any similarly sigmoidal dataplot. Adjustable thresholds (10/90% by default), automatic display of desired parameters, and even smoothing operations are easy with this tool. Improved over old panel tool to offer more options, the Rise-Time Gadget is available only in OriginPro.
  6. Stats (Gadget) -- Getting descriptive statistics of your data has always been easy in Origin, now the same statistics can be obtained from a graph. The ROI allows you to move and resize to select only the data you want.