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[edit] Top New Features/Changes in Origin 8.1 SR1

  1. Theme context menu has been added to Change Parameter dialog. This allows saving and loading themes in Change Parameter mode (ID = 12798).
  2. A new theme pop-up menu called Generate Script has been added, to output current dialog settings as LabTalk Script code (ID = 14630).
  3. Fitting functions have been added to F(X) menu in Set Column Values dialog, allowing the use of fitting functions in column formula (ID = 14584).
  4. A new check box called Disable Editing has been added to the Format Cells tab of the Worksheet Properties dialog, to prevent editing of desired worksheet cells (ID = 14620).
  5. Improvements have been made to Plot Multi Y Axes and Stack plotting dialogs, such as specifying number of plots for each layer (ID = 14636)
  6. GetN dialogs in LabTalk Script have been significantly improved OC GetN (ID = 14534).