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LabVIEW Sub-VIs exsited before Origin 8.

These VIs are kept for compatibility only. You should try to stay away from using these VIs for creating new applications. The newer VIs introduced in Origin 8 are more object oriented and more efficient and much easier to use.

OriginAppClassics Sub-VIs Description
ExponentialDecayNoise Creates a 2D array of a sample dataset of 100 points.
OA2DArrayToCluster 2D array found as output of GetWorksheet or GetMatrix is converted to cluster for imput to plotting.
OABeginSession Start a communiation session between LabVIEW and Origin .
OACloseCommunication Close a communiation session between LabVIEW and Origin .
OACopyPage Copy the image of an Origin Graph or Layout page to the clipboard.
OACreatePage Create a new Origin worksheet, graph, matrix, or notes page.
OADestroyPage Deletes the specified Origin page.
OAEndSession Releases the Origin session locked earlier by the BeginSession method, allowing other clients to communicate with that particular Origin session.
OAExecute Send a command string to Origin.
OAExit Shut down the Origin application.
OAGetIsModified Indicates if the Origin project has been modified and needs to be saved.
OAGetLTStr Get LabTalk string variables.
OAGetLTVar Get LabTalk numeric variables.
OAGetMatrix Get data from an Origin matrix.
OAGetPageString Get Origin page textual properties or Origin Notes content.
OAGetWorksheet Get data from an Origin worksheet.
OALoadProject Open an existing Origin project file.
OAOpenCommunication Open communication with a single instance of the Origin application.
OAPutMatrix Put data into an Origin matrix.
OAPutWorksheet Place data into an Origin worksheet.
OAResetProject Clear all Origin worksheets and matrices.
OA Run Instructs Origin to finish all auto-update calculations.
OASaveProject Save current Origin project to disk.
OASetIsModified Set the Origin Modified flag.
OASetLTStr Set LabTalk string variables.
OASetLTVar Set LabTalk numeric variables.
OASetPageString Set Origin page textual properties or Origin Notes content.
OAShowHide Sends LabTalk command to show/hide the Origin application.
OAVariant2DToArrayOrCluster Variant found as output of GetMatrix is converted to 2D array and cluster
SampleDataNoise Creates a 2D array of a sample dataset of 250 points