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The Origin installation provides a collection of custom building-block VIs that enable the user to create their own VIs to communicate with Origin. These custom VIs can be used for operations such as opening and closing communication with Origin, exchanging data back and forth between Origin and LabVIEW, and sending commands to Origin.

Before controlling Origin in LabVIEW, you need to first copy the LabVIEW palette that is shipped with Origin to the LabVIEW folder, if you have not already done so.

Copy from <exe>\Samples\Automation Server\LabVIEW\Palette\OriginAutomationServer_LV7.llb to user.lib folder under LabVIEW folder. Then the tools of Origin will appear on your LabVIEW function palette.

Custom Sub-VIs for LabVIEW




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