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[edit] The Developer Kit in Origin/OriginPro 8.1

The Developer Kit in Origin 8.1 will be installed as part of the Origin/OriginPro installation. However, before you can access to the Developer Kit, you need to obtain a valid license from OriginLab to activate the Developer Kit. The license is only available for users who own Maintenance.


When Origin/OriginPro 8.1 is patched, the Developer Kit files will be automatically updated at the same time.

[edit] How to Activate the Developer Kit

After obtaining the valid license for the Developer Kit, please follow these steps to activate:

  1. Select the Origin menu item Help | Update Module License.
  2. Enter your license in the pop-up window (you can copy and paste).
  3. Click the OK button. A message pops up to infor you that Origin needs to be restarted.
  4. Restart Origin.

Note that the above procedure adds a separate license file for the Developer Kit in the same folder where the Origin license is located.